Northern White Rhino. This gets a big * on my site because this is NOT a wild animal.
This is one of the very last 2 remaining northern white rhino on earth.
This sub-species is extinct in the wild and about to be extinct entirely.
As of 2018, the last 2 of this sub-species are both female and neither can carry
a baby to term. The last hope is a highly risky surrogate plan at very long odds.
The last male (named Sudan) died in March 2018.
The distictions of this sub-species is the slightly tufted ears, the "clumpier" horns
and more muscular necks because in their former range, they often reached upward to eat more
bushes rather than just grass like the southern white rhino.
You are looking at extinction in this picture. This is what it looks like. An amazing, beautiful rhino soon gone.
To go see these last 2 in person put tears in my eyes. It's very hard to stand next to them and not be able to
speak to them nor apologize for their fate... so very sad.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya
August 2018