Giant Panda. It took me 13 years and 10 trips to finally get good enough pictures of a wild Giant Panda.
Most reserves where you could try to find a wild Giant Panda have been closed to tourism over the years.
The pictures above (and below) are from a Panda a guide found up in a tree. I ran up the mountain to try to get close.
By random luck, I happened to stumble across this one. It smelled the air above the bamboo and actually charged me!
When it got way too close, I clapped and yelled at it and it backed off into the bamboo again.

Above is yet another Giant Panda which we found WAY up in a tree far off.

Secret location within Sichuan Province, China
March 2024

Above is the incredibly poor picture I took back in 2011 on my first trip.

Changqing Nature Reserve - China
March 2011

Years ago, my wife and I were allowed to sit with and meet a panda from a breeding program at a zoo.
Here is the video of this visit.

Secret breeding center, China
February 2017

Above is a video of a wild Giant Panda from a camera trap left high up a mountain on a ridge covered in Bamboo.

Secret reserve within Sichuan Province, China
January 2018