It took SO much effort to see one in the wild. This shot was taken from the back of an elephant.
Three different trips, 3 months, 3 times getting really sick and countless hours of hiking and waiting in the woods.
That is because I wanted to see one in a very natural and wild park. I finally gave up and went to one of the few parks where you
are basically garaunteed to see Tigers. They're still wild but very habituated to seeing mobs of tourists every day. It's not a very fun experience and
I would say 95% of all wild tiger pictures are of the same 6-10 animals in Bandgavgarh, Kanha or a couple other national parks in India & Nepal.
The WWF among other experts now believe wild Tigers will be extinct within the next 15 years. I too believe the estimates of 3500 wild tigers left on earth
are significantly overstated. There are very few left now and their numbers still dwindle every year. Still, is there a more majestic animal on earth? Just gorgeous.

Bandhavgarh National Park, India
Feb - 2006