Latest pictures

  I recently had the pleasure of spending a week in Tunisia looking for
rare desert animals. There are many new pictures from Tunisia on
page 6 under the Africa section of my website.
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  There is a park in Tunisia where some endangered animals have
been reintroduced. The park is called Bouhedma National Park
and is the only place you can reliably and safely see many of
the animals that now live there. There are many other pictures
on the Africa section of my website.
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  These are from a recent trip to Poland for the European Bison.
In spite of stories about it being difficult to see these,
we had immediate luck. On the train ride from Berlin to Warsaw,
we met a very nice woman who's parents had just went looking for
them last year. Though they were unsuccessful, they did suggest
a local guide. We contacted him and on our first morning out,
we encountered a group of about 30 bison.
  Another shot of the European Bison.

  In Germany, there isn't much wildlife to be found. We did spend
a day looking for wild boar with no luck and the only critter we
could find was this Red Squirrel. I was with my buddy Josiah from
Iowa on this trip. He was hell on wheels at spotting red squirrels
for some reason. Just another of his many personality quirks.