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Ecuador - October 2017

  Spectacled Bear is the only bear species in South America.
These live in the highlands from Colombia down through Argentina.
  Mountain Tapir. Other than the lowland tapir, the other 4 species
Are all endangered due to habitat loss and poaching.
Not nearly enough is being done to protect tapir which
may be due to the fact few people even know they exist!

Indonesia - July 2017

  Javan Rhinoceros! I can't tell you how much effort it took to
get these pictures. One of the rarest large animals on earth,
they only live in one national park now. There are none in any
zoos and sightings of this shy giant are rare.

Mongolia - April 2017

  The Goby Desert in Mongolia is a stunningly beautiful, vast, dry
wasteland nearly impossible for anything to live in. Yet some
rare species like these Bactrian Camel have found a way.
They are endangered and rare, but small herds still roam free.

Tunisia - October 2016

  Had the pleasure of spending a week in Tunisia looking for
rare desert animals. There are many new pictures from Tunisia on
page 6 under the Africa section of my website.
To see the rest click here.
  There is a park in Tunisia where some endangered animals have
been reintroduced. The park is called Bouhedma National Park
and is the only place you can reliably and safely see many of
the animals that now live there. There are many other pictures
on the Africa section of my website.
To see the rest click here.