Latest pictures

Arizona 2020 - Mountain Lion !!!!

  Elusive ghost, the mountain lion is absurdly difficult to photograph in the wild.
  Sonoran Pronghorn is an endangered subspecies that live far south of the other subspecies.

Yosemite National Park 2020

  Ringtails are adorable relatives of raccoons.

Borneo - March 2019

  Clouded Leopard! Wow stunning!
Never thought I'd get pic of one in the wild.

Borneo - August 2018

  Probosis Monkey, Orangutan, Sun Bear, Binturong and more!
Borneo is an amazing and fascinating place to view wildlife.
  Flying Lemur. One of natures strangest designs.
They have "wings" much like flying squirrels.

Kenya - August 2018

  There are only 2 Norther White Rhino left on earth.
This is NOT in the wild, but this is the brink of extinction.

Greece - August 2018

  Mediterranean Monk Seal may be Europe's rarest mammal.
They are quite shy and often live in protected areas.

Baffin Island, Canada - June 2018

  Narwhal, narwhal, swimming in the ocean,
causing a commotion because they are so awesome.
  Ringed Seal haul themselves up onto
the ice of Baffin Bay.
  Bowhead Whale breaches in the Arctic

Morocco - May 2018

  Fennec Fox. Adorable!
They live right out in the sand dunes.
  Sand dunes of the northern Sahara Desert
  Barbary Sheep

Ecuador - October 2017

  Spectacled Bear is the only bear species in South America.
These live in the highlands from Colombia down through Argentina.
  Mountain Tapir. Other than the lowland tapir, the other 4 species
Are all endangered due to habitat loss and poaching.
Not nearly enough is being done to protect tapir which
may be due to the fact few people even know they exist!

Indonesia - July 2017

  Javan Rhinoceros! I can't tell you how much effort it took to
get these pictures. One of the rarest large animals on earth,
they only live in one national park now. There are none in any
zoos and sightings of this shy giant are rare.