Everyone immediately assumes skunks are horrible animals that go around spraying everyone they see...
But some of them, like this little guy, are incredibly friendly if you don't scare him.

Years ago, I used to ride my bike on a loop to work every morning. One day, I found a skunk on the trail.
That day and for the next several days, he ran along side me as I biked up his hill. If I got ahead, I'd slow down til he caught up...
If he got ahead, he'd stop for me. He liked being exactly along side my bike just like a dog might.
Sometimes I'd stop and he'd just look at me waiting to start up again. After the first few days, he'd be waiting for me every morning
in the same exact spot and he'd run right up the hill with me then stop on top as I went off to work.
Unfortunately, after about 2 weeks he just wasn't there one morning. I searched and found my friend had been killed.
He had been eaten most likely be one of the many Great Horned Owls that lived in that area. I actually shed a tear for him.

Anyway, this little guy in the picture above was booted out by his mother. He wandered San Francisco Zoo right around visitors!
Most people freaked out and backed off quickly, but he minded his own business looking for food.

March 2011