Damas Gazelle. This requires a story...
This is the largest and arguably most beautiful of the gazelle family. They are critically endangered in the wild.
There are estimated to be less than 450 in Chad and Sudan but they live in just terrible places with essentially zero protection.
Some years ago, 5 Dama's Gazelles were reintroduces to Bouhedma National Park following some success with other desert species.
Unfortunately, that plan has failed and 4 of the 5 gazelles died without having any babies.
Now only one Dama's Gazelle roams the park entirely alone. This is the last one.
He tries his best to herd with the much smaller Dorcus Gazelle for protection but must be very lonely.
He is also very shy which I cannot blame him for as he is the last of his kind here.
Whenever tourists come to visit the park, the park workers drive motorbikes after it to show tourists.
While I am glad in some ways to have photographed him, it is very sad to watch him be harrassed this way.
Fairly soon, this gorgeous gazelle will once again be extinct in Tunisia.

Bouhedma National Park, Tunisia
October 2016