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What do you see in these shots?

You may have been lucky and spotted this beautiful animal right away. Maybe it took a few seconds or even minutes...
Either way, move your eyes around the picture and you can't help but me amazed at how well animals blend in.

Perhaps the most amazing of tricks in all of nature. If you can't see this one, don't feel bad.
I've shown this shot to field guides all over the world who track wildlife for a living and this one is near impossible to see.
Look really carefully. Right in the middle of shot, laying on top of the branch is the faint outline of a leaf tailed gecko.
Still can't see it? Click here.

Now this one is just cheating. There are two animals in this shot. I'd be impressed if you saw either immediately.
They're pretty small in the shot which makes it hard enough but these ladies have mastered blending in to the rocks.
There are two Markhor stand just right of center, one higher than the other on the lighter colored, almost white rocks.
If you still can't see them, look for their little white feet. If that doesn't help then you'll know how I felt trying to find these things!

That one is not particularily difficult to spot but if it took you anything more than a split second to see it,
consider the consequences of NOT seeing one of these as you walked by...

So that's what us photographers are up against while out tracking these animals to get shots of them.
For every animal I got a shot of on my site here, I have to imagine I walked right by 2 others and never even noticed they were there!

Certainly you see those two beautiful birds, right? How could anyone miss such gorgeous blue birds as these swallows?
Well, there are 4 critters in this shot. Did you notice the other two right away?
If you're trying to blend in, I guess it pays to have really bright friends...

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