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Most wildlife has no interest in helping me make this site. They run away, they hide, they only come out at night and are generally uncooperative in many ways. This page represents a lot of hard effort that just didn't pay off. All of these are horrible shots I wouldn't normally show anyone but the animals in these are all amazing. I have spent days, weeks or even months looking for good shots of some of these critters and I'm still committed to eventually replacing these with shots I'm proud of! Still, I think it says a lot about how hard this hobby is if you can see some of the failures. As always, thanks for checking it out!

North America - Sightings

Broad-footed Mole Caribou Jackrabbit Mountain Lion
Woodrat Mink Some kind of mouse Eastern Grey Squirrel
Arctic Fox Douglas Squirrel Stellar Seal Lion? Lucky Escape!
American Pocupine Some sort of mole American Beaver Harbour Porpoise
Gray Whale Red-Bellied Newt Hog-nosed Snake Shrew in Pt Reyes

South America - Sightings

Ocelot (2 shots) Crab-eating Racoon Uacari Hutia

Asia - Sightings

Giant Panda Swamp Deer Russel's Viper? Indian Grey Mongoose
Short-tailed Monkey Hornbill Assamese Macaque Baby Giant Flying Squirrel
Chinese Goral Probosis Monkey Black Macaques Brandt's Vole?
Black Giant Squirrel? Gobi Bear Banded Civet Hog deer
Malagasy Civet Hog Badger Dog-faced Fruit Eating Bats Four-horned Antelope
Indian Gazelle Flying Fox Tree Shrew Tufted Deer

Australia & New Zealand - Sightings

Rare Penguin

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